Be a Non-Finisher

I was reading a manga series. I wasn’t enjoying it. Yet I kept reading it because I heard one of the movies that followed the series is incredible. I thought this movie would be the most amazing thing in the world. But then I thought the following:

  • What if the movie is not that great?
  • How likely is it that this film will live up to my super-high expectations?
  • If it doesn’t, will all that time I spent reading the series have been worth it at all?

I then thought of all those times where I was disappointed because my expectations were too high. I didn’t want another one of those situations to happen again. And after reading so many volumes of the series, I stopped. I didn’t care that I was more than halfway through. Reading it felt like a chore. I thought that if reading a series starts feeling like a chore, I’ve a good reason to stop.

Ever since I stopped reading that series, I’ve been reading other things that have been really worth my time. I don’t regret not finishing the aforementioned series. Sure, there was a chance it could have gotten a lot better. But I’d have to rely on hope for that to happen. And if I kept reading the series and hoped it would get better, I’d be gambling my time. I don’t want to do that. Time’s my most precious resource.

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