Q: Who are you?
A: I'm an actor at Bold Artist Management.

Q: What are some projects that you've done that people might've heard of?
A: Some episodes of Neighbors, a commercial for Kath & Kim and the award-winning feature film Monster Pies.

Q: Where've you studied acting?
A: Ward Acting Studio, Impro Melbourne and St. Martins Youth Theatre. As of writing this, I just finished my first voice over class with Abbe Holmes of Voice Over Coach.

Q: Who've you worked with?
A: I studied acting with the actresses Catlin Stasey and Tessa James. I've also been taught by actors such as Madeline West, Jenny Lovell and Danielle Carter.

Q: Whatch' doin' now?
A: I'm currently performing as Andrea in Life of Gallileo for Eagles Nest Theatre. Also, I'm performing as characters for children's party shows for Tony Bones Entertainment and Lil Critters.

Q: What are some non-acting things that you like to do?
A: Shaolin Kung Fu, bike riding, meditating, reading (I'm a sucker for personal development and manga) and listening to music (my favourite genres are jazz, synthwave, trance, rock and metal).